I wanted to spill the beans on something crucial – unlimited penetration testing – yes UNLIMITED PEN TESTING! And the best part, you can do it in house and to an internationally recognised standard. I know, it might sound a bit technical, but stay with me; it’s a real game-changer in keeping your networks and critical data safe and sound. Our Pen Testing platform starts at tests for just two users, is affordable and the results are quicker and more superior to any manual Pen Testing available today.

Think of it as a regular health check-up but for your organisation’s cyber defences. It’s not just about spotting the issues; it’s a golden ticket to continuously improve your cyber defences. We live in a world where digital threats are as changeable as the British weather, so having a security approach that adapts and grows is an absolute must.

Now, imagine giving your security a boost every month. It’s like hitting the gym but for your systems, making them stronger and more resilient each time. And it’s not just about spotting the gaps; it’s about fixing them and making sure they stay fixed. It’s like having a personal trainer who not only identifies your weak points but helps you turn them into your strongest assets.

Every month, it’s a deep dive into the digital nooks and crannies, sniffing out any sneaky weaknesses and providing an thorough patching report. And the beauty of it? It turns security into something proactive. We’re not waiting for the rain to pour to fix the roof; we’re weather-proofing it come rain or shine. Each test is another layer of armour to help you face whatever tomorrow has to throw at it.


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