Imagine the impact of tampered data on operational resilience, tampered data can impact your critical operations and even put human lives at risk. Endida has partnered with Tributech to enable an organisation to add an advanced level of data security to any connected product, device or service without losing data interoperability.

Connect & secure your critical assets

Trustworthy foundation for asset monitoring & management

Monitor data integrity across systems

Ensure data integrity over the entire lifecycle

Ensure regulatory compliance

Establish legal strength in critical data supply chains

Send configurations & commands

Secure & remote control & configuration of critical assets

How it Works

Integrate with the broadest data sources – from log files to legal documents, even IoT output

Selectively transmit anonymised data to compare and contrast

Verify, verify, verify – check the data, document, log file or sensor information against the known trusted source

Share only selective data or certain verified sovereign sources of data

Trigger alerts & workflows when tampering is detected. Know that your data streams are secure

Build Foundations For a Secure and Data Driven Future

Many organisations today are especially vulnerable because of the lack of automated data notarisation and verification. They struggle to detect if the data in their systems was not poisoned or tampered with. As a result, data, even the AI model or backup data from critical sensors/SIEM logs/ external and internal sources is often unverified throughout the full lifecycle and can’t be fully trusted and utilised.

Data Integrity Protection

Notarising data directly at source to ensure data integrity and origin across the whole lifecycle

Tampering & Poisoning Detection

Immediate detection of any data tampering caused by cybersecurity incidents or system failures

Immutable Security Layer

A blockchain-based data protection and verification layer provides the highest level of security

Integration of any Source

The integration into any IT, OT or IoT data source enables a holistic and company-wide adoption

Open & Interoperable

The platform provides open API interfaces and support for protocols like e.g. MQTT, OPC-UA, ADS, etc.

Scalable Data Middleware

A powerful data processing engine to stream data between source and destination in near real time

Remote Asset Configuration

The bi-directional communication layer enables the remote configuration of IT, OT and IoT assets

Automated Data Asset Inventory

A unified metadata description of all connected data sources based on DTDL standard

Step 1 – Secure data at source

Securing data from inception by adding our Agent to the data source, or by using Open APIs

Step 2 – Distribute across systems

The Tributech Platform is deployed on public cloud or on-prem environment, acting as a trusted data layer across systems

Step 3 – Verify data anytime

Integrating zero trust data security via Open APIs delivering verified data to all your platforms & services

How Does it Work?

Data tampering detection

Detection of any poisoned / tampered data caused by cybersecurity incidents or system failures through automated data verification processes. The verification results and tamper alerts can be integrated into your SIEM/SOAR via API or via web-hooks.

Data integrity protection

Securing your data integrity by creating cryptographic proofs at that allow you to verify data integrity and authenticity between source and destination.

Data integration

The platform provides a comprehensive set of data integration options from IoT, OT to IT, enabling secure data integration for any data source. In addition open interfaces, industry protocols like e.g. MQTT, OPC-UA, ADS or UART are supported.

Remote configuration

Remote configurations allow you to manage and update the configuration parameters of any connected data source (e.g. sensor, machine, building, server, ...) via the platform dashboard or API.

Data middleware

The data middleware provides a powerful data processing engine that is able to stream data between source and destination in near real time. Furthermore, the middleware also includes a warm storage to persist historical data. A powerful master data management based on the DTDL standard provides a uniform description of each connected data source.

Remote commands

Remote commands allow you to perform actions (e.g. trigger, on/off, set value, ...) on any connected data source (e.g. sensor, machine, building, server, ...) via the platform dashboard or API in near real-time.

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