Audit All Public or externally shared documents

Dope’s Neural DLP finds all publicly accessible files in SharePoint/OneDrive or Google Drive and uses LLMs (proprietary large language models) to classify any sensitive data like IP (Intellectual Property), PHI (Protected Health Information), PII (Personal Identifiable Information), and PCI (Payment Card Industry).

You can then risk access, or act on each and every file by revoking sharing permissions within the Neural DLP platform, no need to pivot back and forth  to SharePoint/OneDrive or Google Drive each time.

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How does it work?

See what documents are shared and by who

Identifies content that is company and/or personally sensitive

Risk access each document and revoke sharing from with in the CASB console

Get full individual document narrative from the self contained LLM (large language model)

All files are automatically classified according to content – PCI, PII, PHI, IP or Other

How are files classified?

Leveraging deep learning LLM, our DLP solution looks into these files to find IP, PII, PCI, and PHI data and then easily classifies and categorises them for review and risk full assessment.

SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)

Uncover all third-party apps connected to your Microsoft 365 or Google SaaS tenant, neatly organised by access type: global, limited, or login access. Review detailed data such as app access start date, app access capabilities, and user info.

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Dope Neural Data Loss Prevention Solution

Redesigned Architecture

Built form the ground up to use LLM and not rely on pattern matching, regexes, and a series manual rule configurations

Single Console

A single console to see all classifications of share files, who shared them and the ability to risk access and revoke

Single Sign-On

Utilise the power of single sign-on from Microsoft 365 or Google, no need to populate users or privileges

Cloud App Control

Uncover all third-party apps connected to your Microsoft 365 or Google SaaS tenant as well as what they can access

SSL Inspection

Ensure SSL measures are in place and fully working, alerts and reviews for any out of compliance

Incredible Analytics

Automatically categorise & analyse the contents of any file prevent sensitive information being publicly shared

AI/LLM Powered

A data loss prevention platform that does the heavily lifting for you, using contained LLM and automatic analysis

First Class Experience

Built form the UI/UX backwards, one click implementation and an award winning interface that puts everything at your fingertips


Of companies that have implemented DLP reported a 65% reduction in accidental data loss incidents

Source: Kenna


Of data breaches involved the use of stolen or compromised PII

Source: NCSC


Decrease in GDPR-related fines for organisations with robust data loss prevention (DLP) measures

Source: Forrester


Improvement in an organisations compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA

Source: Gartner

How Does it Compare?

Today’s CASBs were supposed to be effective at limiting data exposure; however their DLP classifications rely on pattern matching, regexes, and a series manual rule configurations that result in a high number of false positives.

This is because regexes cannot understand the context of a document like a LLM does. Not to mention, these DLP solutions require pre-configuration before you can get your scan started.

Our solution changes all that.


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