In-depth Malware & Phishing Threat Analysis

Endida has been appointed as an authorised reseller of VMRays Advanced Malware Sandbox & File Sanitisation Platform. This undetectable platform will enable your organisation to analyse advanced malware, threats, and phishing attacks to ensure that any file or document that enters your organisation is completely clean.

VMRay also integrates seamless to your SEIM, TIP, EDR & SOAR to enable the triage of 1000’s of alerts in only minutes, leaving your SoC team free to investigate only the most severe and real threats.

What VMRay Is

Boost your SOC team

Enable them to focus on what matters and what is real, unlocking their full potential with ease

Maximise Your EDR

Bolster cyber resilience with seamless integration and advanced detection capabilities

Simplify phishing analysis

Enhance threat detection capabilities with cutting-edge solutions that full detonate malware

Triage and enrich unknown malware

And elevate your threat detection capabilities with advanced malware analysis sandbox

Curate your own threat intel

Gain a strategic advantage in the ever-evolving cyber landscape to enrich your threat intel

Automate Security Tasks

Filter out the noise and get fast and reliable verdicts, mitigate alert fatigue

How it Works

Integrate with all of your SoC solutions to automate alert triage

Maximise your security capabilities: Empower malware and phishing analysis using advanced sandbox technology.

Cultivate threat intelligence on targeted, industry-specific, and previously unseen threats

With its hypervisor-based sandboxing technology, VMRay remains invisible to even the most evasive malware.

Reduce the workload of manual analyses by 90%

Turn complexity into clarity with the most advanced and evasion-resistant solution for malware and phishing analysis.

Invisible & evasion resistant

The stealthiest analysis against the most evasive threats with cutting-edge hypervisor-based analysis technology which monitors the malicious activity from entirely outside the target machine.

Full visibility into the threat

Being undetectable, VMRay’s dynamic analysis engine sees every interaction between malware and the target system including the threats that “good enough” sandboxes aren’t good enough to catch.

Clear & noise-free reports

VMRay's technologies can dive deep into the threat, but come back to the surface with clear reports that can be easily understood and act upon. Our clarity engine cuts the noise and gives you only what matters.

AI-supported phishing detection

VMRay is "the deep analysis solution" for phishing. Submit emails, attachments and URLs, and our dynamic analysis and machine learning modules deliver fast and reliable verdicts.

Connect with Ease Via Seamless Integrations

Complete your security stack by bringing advanced threat detection capabilities to fight against unknown, evasive, and advanced threats.

Expand the value through built-in connectors with VMRay’s strong network of alliances including all major EDR, SOAR, SIEM, and Threat Intelligence providers.

Connect to your custom-made systems with Rest API.


Reduced incidence repose time with a SoC team using a sandbox

Source: Forrester


Average number of days saved by automating triage via a sandbox

Source: Cybersecurity Alliance


Average cost of an cyber incidence

Source: Kenna


Increase of Zero Day exploits

Source: NCSC


File Sanitisation

File sanitisation is essential for enterprises not just to protect sensitive information but also to ensure the integrity of their data systems against malware and ransomware threats. This process involves the thorough cleansing of files to remove any malicious software or scripts that could compromise the security of the entire IT infrastructure. By actively removing these threats, businesses safeguard their operations and maintain continuous, secure service delivery.

Preventing Spread of Malware

Sanitising files helps prevent the spread of malware across the network, protecting critical systems and data

Mitigating Ransomware Attacks

Effective sanitisation can remove ransomware payloads before they activate, thereby mitigating potential damage and loss of data

Maintaining System Integrity

By removing malicious content, sanitisation helps maintain the integrity and performance of business systems

Ensuring Business Continuity

Clean and secure files mean fewer disruptions, supporting continuous business operations and service delivery

Enhancing Cybersecurity Posture

Regular file sanitisation is part of a robust cybersecurity strategy, enhancing the organisation's overall security posture

Compliance with Security Standards

Many industries are regulated to ensure they actively manage and mitigate cybersecurity risks, including those posed by malware and ransomware.

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