Cyber Security risk assessments

Perfect for companies who want to assess where they are on the Cybersecurity maturity scale and put a plan in place to reduce their cybersecurity risks

1 day workshop led by one of our Principle Consultants attended by your key stakeholders

Review of current controls, processes and procedures

Assessment of security roles and responsibilities

Assessment of current cybersecurity tooling

Key concerns and vulnerability assessments

System hardening advice

Advice on insider threat protection and cybersecurity awareness training for your teams

Production of detailed report to summarise findings, prioritise risks and recommended action plan

Cyber insurance readiness service

Cyber insurance is a must for most businesses, due to the increased threat of attacks, insurance companies are becoming increasing stringent and in many cases denying cover altogether.

Our service guides you through the process of becoming insurance ready, areas of support include:

Health checkups

Risk assessments

Data backups

Incident response plans

Security controls and policies

System hardening advice

Cybersecurity awareness

Management of log data

CISO as a Service

Employing a dedicated Chief Information Security Office can be very expensive, but the role they play is vital for most organisations, CISO as a service gives you access to a trusted expert who is on hand to guide you through all aspects of your security posture.

Benefits of CISO as a Service include:

Cost Effective solution for companies that are not large enough to justify a full time CISO

Regular access to a wealth of knowledge and experience

Flexible services to meet your individual requirements

Continuous improvement of your organisations security posture

Access to advanced security tools

Identify and manage risks effectively

Ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements

Security Staffing

Whether you need to hire a new permanent member of your security team or are looking to augment your current team on a temporary contract basis, we can find the perfect fit for you. We understand that not only is the right level of skills and experience important but also the team members are the right cultural fit for your organisation.

We can fill a variety of security roles including:

SOC Analysts

Specialist consultants

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Security Architects

Cyber engineers

Application Security engineers

Cloud security specialists

Database administrators

Incident Managers

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