1st June, 2023 – London, UK. Endida, a leading supplier of next generation cyber security platforms and services, is excited to announce its partnership with Tributech an innovative provider of a cutting-edge data notarisation platform which prevents and detects data tampering and hi-jacking.

The partnership with Tributech enables Endida to extend their portfolio of cybersecurity defence to cover one of the largest growing, but little known threats to data security – data tampering. A threat which is particularly menacing as it is extremely hard to detect and can be executed in a number of ways such as modifying data in a database, altering a file or log file, changing the content of a message or document, or tampering with the data in transit between two systems.

Notable data tampering cyber attacks include US Water Treatment Plant AttackStuxnet Attack on Iran Nuclear FacilityColonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack, and the infamous SolarWinds Supply Chain Attack, and use a variety of attack methods such as false data injection, man-in-the middle attacks, data sabotage and spoofing.  The platform can also detect data compromised by systems failures.

Fiona Whyte, CEO of Endida said “We are thrilled to partner with Tributech, a company renowned for its technological advancement of data notarisation. Tributech’s solution gives unprecedented levels of assurance to the integrity of critical data using block chain technology.  We feel that its relevance is going to be especially powerful in sectors that rely heavily on Operational Technology and Artificial Intelligence”

Tributech’s CEO Thomas Plank said “We are excited about this new partnership with Endida, not only will it extend our market reach, but will also enable us to further educate the market on the growing and significant threat data tampering and hijacking presents across all industries”. Plank goes on to say “The UK market is of strategic importance to Tributech and appointing a partner with the reach and potential that Endida brings makes them the perfect fit for us”.

About Endida

Endida’s cybersecurity solutions provide unmatched protection for safeguarding businesses in today’s digital landscape. Endida brings the next generation of cybersecurity platforms and consulting services so that companies of all sizes can have access to advanced cyber resilience using the latest technology and techniques.

Endida combines advanced threat intelligence, behavioural analytics and machine learning to proactively secure, monitor and rapidly detect all known and unknown types of cybersecurity threats before they cause substantial damage.  Our solutions include some of the most cutting edge, but proven emergent technologies including advanced data notarisation and automated penetration testing.