LONDON –  20th February 2024 – Endida, a pioneer of next-generation AI-driven cybersecurity services, has today announced a new strategic partnership with East Harbour Associates, a prominent management and business transformation consultancy based in Guernsey. The partnership will provide East Harbour’s customers with access to Endida’s groundbreaking Autonomous AI platform as part of its Pen Testing-as-a-Service (PtaaS) offering, extending Endida’s revolutionary cybersecurity solutions to organisations throughout the Channel Islands.

Endida’s cutting-edge products represent the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology at their core. With Endida’s autonomous PtaaS, organisations benefit from proactive security measures, employing real-world attack scenarios to ethically exploit vulnerabilities and fortify defences before potential hackers can exploit weaknesses and spread malicious software.

“East Harbour’s esteemed reputation within the Channel Islands as a leading management and business transformation consultancy aligns perfectly with Endida’s mission,” commented Fiona Whyte, CEO of Endida. “We’re thrilled that East Harbour has recognised our capabilities and chosen our Pen Testing platform as the cornerstone of their newly expanded Information Governance division.”

Penetration Testing is integral to a modern comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, reinforcing organisations’ defences alongside external assessments. Endida’s flagship Autonomous PtaaS embodies this strategy, leveraging AI technology to deliver adaptive defences that evolve in real-time and proactively fortify defences.

“I’d be remiss not to highlight the exceptional support, technical expertise, and experience that Endida brings to the table,” commented Glen Le Cheminant, Head of East Harbour’s new Information Governance division. “Coupled with their market-leading platform, this partnership is poised to deliver unparalleled cybersecurity solutions to address the unique needs of organisations across all industry sectors in the Channel Islands.”

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Endida is a pioneer in next-gen AI-driven cybersecurity, blending innovation with unparalleled protection to protect users against evolving threats and enhance operational efficiency. Committed to innovation, our advanced product suite not only safeguards businesses but also delivers tangible ROI. 

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