Endida’s Certified Penetration Testing team augment their years of experience with the latest AI-Driven Platform (PtaaS), giving you consistent, superior and more in-depth results without the wait.

The initial, full PDF penetration test & fix action reports will be delivered in 24 hours and re-tests are completely unlimited.

Scope of Testing

  • Unlimited, Continuous Testing
  • Internal Network Pen Testing
  • Website and External IP Testing
  • Web App & Cloud Pen Testing
  • iOS/Android Testing Using OWASP

Credentials & Compliance

  • Crest Certified Penetration Testers
  • Google Pen Test Complaint
  • Microsoft Pen Test framework
  • NHS Digital Compliant
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What our customers say

Endida's Penetration Testing team delivered the initial pen test report within the first day of testing and continued to deliver all of the tests we required while we worked on fixes to become compliant. The Penetration testing they delivered was the most comprehensive I have seen and the consistency as well as the scoping reports were above expectation.

Daniel Sitton, Guardian Technology Group

We have used Endida's external penetration testing on our over 320 domains and website. The extent of the attack configuration that can be created for each pen test is staggering and shows how complete each test is

Ben Thompson, Red Tie

Since partnering with Endida we have enjoyed excellent management and technical support from an organisation which is passionate about cyber security. Endida provide access to platforms that make it possible for organisations, large or small, to continuously test and protect systems and infrastructure in ways never thought possible before. It is a pleasure to work with an organisation which is enthusiastic and energetic, this reflects and translates into great customer service.

Glen Le Cheminant, East Harbour Associates

Our partnership with Endida, utilising their software-defined penetration testing service, has been truly transformative. What sets Endida apart is their highly collaborative approach, which has not only streamlined our operations but has also significantly elevated the quality of our services we offer.

Peter Hopkins, BaseMSP

Since partnering with Endida in August, Netserve has won two new clients with 50 and 65 users, respectively, on the strength of its refreshed cyber offering. Trials of Endida's advanced cyber tools with existing IT support customers are also now taking place left, right and centre

Will Bellows, Netserve Ltd

How we work

Defining the scope of the test, identifying the targets, and gathering information

Our certified and experienced team then identify open ports, services, and vulnerabilities

Continue to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to the device or network and test credentials

Maintain access to the system or network for as long as possible to ensure all attacks are covered

Provide a detailed report outlining the vulnerabilities that were exploited and how to remediate them

Why Use Endida

Using Endida’s Certified Penetration Testing service can provide a large number of benefits over traditional, manual pen tests & simple vulnerability assessments

  • You gain access to the expertise of specialised, experienced security professionals
  • We give you a fresh perspective on your security posture, identifying weaknesses overlooked by outsourced IT teams
  • There is no lead time or advanced booking needed with our Pen Tests, we can start within 24 hours
  • You get unlimited re-tests
  • We can help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • We provide cost savings compared to conducting the tests in-house or using traditional outsourced pen testing
  • We guarantee our results will be more extensive than your previous manual Pen Test
  • Our Pen Tests are superior to human only testing – even the most complex networks


Number of organisations have experienced at least one successful cyber attack in the past year.

Source: Ponemon Institute


The annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy

Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies


Number of organisations that conduct regular pen testing and identify critical vulnerabilities.

Source: International Association of Certified ISAOs


Number of senior IT employees and security leaders believe that companies lack sufficient protection against cyber attacks.

Source: (ISC)’s 2021 Cyber Workforce report

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