Endida’s Anti-Phishing solution will secure every single inbox, no matter what email service you use and will give complete threat protection.

What is Email anti-Phishing?

In the past several years, email phishing attacks have become more frequent and targeted. Legacy email security platforms have attempted to address new attack vectors like impersonations, spear-phishing, and brand forgery, but their dated technology is falling short. Organisations have observed that phishing attacks are still getting through resulting in employees falling for the bait. Endida’s anti-phishing solution is here to warn, educate and block so that phishing attacks are a thing of the past.

How it works

Prominent warning banners are a key visual feature that give users real-time feedback & guidance using the traffic light protocol (TLP)

Our solution builds dynamic ‘profiles’ or ‘behavior models’ and uses anomaly detection to block Impersonation attempts.

Automatic checks on WHOIS, DKIM, DMARC, and SPF. It even checks the logos in the body of messages. Is it the right color, font, shape, size of image……

99% of phishing email impersonates the top 500 company brands. Whatever permutations or typo domains hackers create, our data- driven modelling will block these dangerous emails.

Every, block, policy and setting can all be accessed in the central dashboard giving you complete control.

Endida’s Advanced Anti-phising solution

Endida hosts the most advanced, AI based anti-phishing solution available today. Phishing is still the number one cause of data breaches and malware delivery for any organisation and with the widespread malicious use of AI, the the hooks are getting sharper and a lot less easy to see. Endida’s solution uses machine learning, AI and the very latest innovative technology which outperforms legacy email security solutions in every facet.



Of all malware is delivered via email

Source: Verizon 2022 DBIR Report


Is lost every minute due to phishing attacks

Source: Cybersecurity Ventures


Of security incidents are phishing attacks

Source: CSO Online Cyber Survey


Cost of compromise initiated using phishing

Source: FBI's Internet Crime Report

Why Use Endida's Anti-Phishing Solution

  • Shuts down impersonators by detecting unusual behaviour
  • Coach users to make the right moves on phishing email
  • Block threats with artificial intelligence that understands behaviour
  • Detect malware cleverly concealed in email attachments
  • Email Security Awareness Training
  • Prevent Data Loss from Email Blunders and Nefarious Insiders
  • Easy-to-Use Encryption to Keep Data Secure
  • Filter Out Distracting Emails to Avoid Work Interruptions
  • Dynamically track the malicious use of domains and spoof sites
  • Filter misleading links, cross-site URL’s, & malicious redirects

Endida's Anti-Phishing Modules

Inbound Mail Protection

Block impersonations and coach users against phishing

Internal Mail Protection

Protect against attacks that come from within

Advanced Attachment Analysis

Detect deeply hidden malware from inbound attachments

Security Awareness Training

Educate employees with phishing simulation and videos.

Outbound Mail Protection

Prevent high risk data loss before it can get out the door.

Email Encryption

Guard sensitive data with fast and simple encryption.

Secure your email and change user behaviour

Phishing is still the number one cause of corporate data breaches, and the hooks are getting sharper. Today’s threat actors employ various incredibly sophisticated techniques that elude even the most sceptical and well- trained eyes.

This is where Endida’s Anti-Phishing and Email Security solution excels – through innovative computer vision, AI, and machine learning it stops and catches everything quickly and without slowing down productivity.



What is an anti-phishing solution?

An anti-phishing solution is a set of tools and techniques designed to identify, prevent, and mitigate phishing threats that offers real-time protection against deceptive websites, emails, and messages that try to steal personal information

How does Endida's anti-phishing solution detect malicious websites?

We utilise a combination of real-time analysis, AI, computer vision and machine learning – this combined with a sophisticated heuristics engine and a regularly updated database of known phishing sites enables us to safely detect and block access to malicious web pages

How can I educate my team about the risks of phishing?

Our solution enables you to run regular training sessions and simulated phishing tests. It also uses an embedded banner system, that appears on every email to warn users about the potential risks for each individual email.

Can mobile devices be targeted by phishing attacks?

Absolutely. Mobile devices are increasingly targeted by phishers, especially through mail apps. The Endida anti-phishing solution works across and platform and operating system

My email is hosted in the cloud by Microsoft or Google, can I still use your solution

Yes you can, our solution is built for virtually an email environment and it does not make any difference who it is hosted by or who your provider is

How does your machine learning and AI assist in anti-phishing?

Machine learning and AI can analyse vast amounts of data to detect anomalies and new phishing patterns, making anti-phishing our solution more proactive and adaptive in identifying threats.

What's the difference between phishing and spear-phishing?

While phishing attacks are broad and target a large audience, spear-phishing is more targeted, focusing on specific individuals or companies using personalised information to appear more legitimate. Endida’s solution will guard against both of these types of attacks.

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