Endida gives MSP’s, IT Service Providers and IT Consultants the ability to resell our Entire cybersecurity portfolio.

This includes Pen Testing, Anti-Phishing, EDR & XDR, Cloud Security, Cyber Services and more – all of which start from just two users. Our pricing is designed to give you a double digit margin, which enables you to add more value to your customers as well as sell them further services.


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We will show how easy it is for you to add cybersecurity to your offering

What you get!

Self Service Products & Services

The Endida portal is where you can access all of our products and services to sell onto your customers with double digit margins.

Endida Support

Contact our support staff, log requests and also ask any questions you have for our team of cybersecurity experts.

Fully Branded Info Sheets & Templates

Find everything you need to get going and sell our cybersecurity solutions to your customers. From fully branded two page PDF info sheets. to customised email templates - you get access to them all.

Ordering and Purchases

Once you have sold to a customer you can order everything you need via our portal. Our Pen Test & EDR starts at just two users, so the minimum order is as low as just two, we aim to get your new customer online within an hour of your order.

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